A cohesive end-to-end ecosystem, merging physical and digital. Integrated with ICT, next-generation networking, cloud and mobile.

Enabling the digital smart office of the future…
Enabling the digital smart office of the future
Smart Office Connexion is one of the market leaders in

  • designing, implementing and supporting fully managed print environments;
  • enabling end-to-end document management strategies and implementation;
  • digitising information to ensure interconnected collaboration

whilst giving organisations all the integrated power of information and communication technology, next-generation networking, cloud and mobility.

Smart Office Connexion is a BCX group company, ultimately owned by Telkom. This uniquely places us to provide customers and independent resellers with end-to-end offerings and expertise – everything a smart business needs on its journey to digital transformation.
Full service and support
Customers are backed by the assurance of service excellence. Being one of the largest of its kind in the country, Smart Office Connexion national network of skilled service consultants, technicians, engineers and dedicated service managers are solely dedicated to enables nationwide skills and support.
Best-of-breed hardware and software
Smart Office Connexion is a trusted partner in leading hardware and software brands, including Samsung, HP (Gold Partnership status), Canon (Premium Authorised Service Provider) to name but a few. We are also software enablers of partnerships UniFLOW, Equitrac, PaperCut and more.
Smart Office Connexion for Business

You get:
  • A holistic partnership with a turnkey service provider - one point of contact
  • Strategic consulting underpinned by best-of-breed expertise, across a broad range of leading hardware and software solutions
  • Nationwide managed, high-expertise service
  • Optimised solutions for greater cost efficiency and agility


Smart Office Connexion for Independent Resellers

You get:
  • A holistic partnership with one point of contact – we can implement, support and distribute on your behalf
  • Upskilling and training on all our solutions
  • A range of leading hardware and software brands.
  • Exclusive deals
  • Business growth and geographic expansion
  • Better ROI per customer
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What makes a smart office?

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Our Approach to running a Smart Office

Smart Office Connexion provides a cohesive end-to-end ecosystem, merging physical and digital while integrating with information and communication technologies, next-generation networking, cloud and mobile.

This allows an organisation to take advantage of all the power that these technologies offer.
Brand-agnostic - with specialist skills
Device management and print solutions are part of a holistic solution. Smart Office Connexion uses expertise and technology to manage print, document and digitisation of content, within a broader IT infrastructure, encapsulating the print function as an element of a much bigger ecosystem.

Smart Office Connexion offers complete brand-neutrality, with solutions structured to use the devices and software that best meet the needs of each customer. There's no need to replace devices simply to be compatible with Smart Office Connexion systems.

At the same time Smart Office Connexion retains deep expertise and skills in all leading brands support and technical servicing. Service and support is deeply embedded in Smart Office Connexion’s philosophy, that is why we continually invest in expanding our own expertise and skills.
A 5-phase approach to Smart Office solutions
The Smart Office Connexion approach is designed to ensure customers receive a solution that is perfectly tailored to current business needs, and future-proof.
Discover and Access
Analyse and Design
Execute and Transition
Manage and Support
Evaluate and Optimise
A snapshot overview of our methodology:


A unique, dedicated, specialised printing and document management offering as part of full, broader ICT ecosystem - with smart delivery and dedicated service
The primary Smart Office Connexion focus is on Managed Print, Document and Digitisation Services. Years of experience and knowledge have taught us that these functions have to be approached as a holistic solution. These are part of a powerful ICT environment, embracing all the latest technologies, including cloud computing, IP telephony, Software-as-a-Service, next-generation networking, enterprise broadband and more.

Smart Office Connexion can integrate MPS and MDS solutions with this wider menu of technology solutions, depending on customer business strategies and needs. This does not just add print or document management to ICT - it's a holistic, seamlessly constructed environment that includes all printing and document functions.

Smart Office Connexion is a BCX group company, ultimately owned by Telkom. This uniquely places us in a position to provide customers and independent resellers with end-to-end offerings and expertise.

Customers can have a complete smart office environment, with all the benefits of the latest technologies, solutions and services.
Breadth and depth of resources
Smart Office Connexion has made significant investments in its service network dedicated to our customers. This network promises highly qualified, extensively experienced technicians and specialists, nationwide, who can support any brand of installation.

We are trusted partners of Canon, Samsung, HP Gold Partner, OKI, Olivetti and Riso. We provide end-to-end software solutions, including UniFLOW, Equitrac, PaperCut and our own Smart Office Manager.

Smart Office Connexion is committed to maintaining and building one of the biggest network of agents and support personnel in South Africa. We have become the trusted partner and expert in managed services.

We have the levels of expertise to provide solutions management to a high level of detail, ensuring constantly optimal performance.
SLA Management activities include:
  • Proactive Consumables Management
  • On-site Management of Parts and Consumables
  • Management of Critical Devices
  • Bi-annual Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • Preventative Maintenance Programmes
  • Device & Solution Optimisation
  • Cost Optimisation and Efficiencies


Whether you're an existing client of ours, a business looking to integrate its print functionality with a broader IT ecosystem, or a reseller wanting to provide Smart Office Connexion solutions to your customers, we'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs at any time.

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